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About Us

eCoast Jobs LLC was born out of the desire to provide real, local quality information. With the boom of the Web came all kinds of information. Wonderful information as a matter of fact. However, along with this information came clutter and non-relevant muck that we all have to sort through every day.

eCoast Jobs LLC is a New Hampshire-based company. Back in 1998 there lacked a quality, real, local job board for New Hampshire citizens. Sure there were the national job boards but they all seemed to contain nothing but white collar, IT-related jobs and the prices for employers to post a job was out of site.

Thus it was decided to begin by building a quality real, local job board for New Hampshire. One that was cost effective and easy to use. Something that would serve the local community and not break the budget. After some development and testing time with the local community, NHJobs.com was released in 2000.

Now, we continue to try to live up to what NHJobs.com continues to stand for. Quality real local services.